Why choose Chess !!!

We have already written in detail as to why should one play/choose Chess. The same article we shall put at the end of this article but before that lets first look at the big picture.

Introspection.  Any Chess game that is analysed leads to a fair amount of introspection. Through introspection one can learn a lot about themselves and others. Best of the discoveries and things have happened through introspection.

Objectivity.       Revisit of a Chess game which is properly analysed can enable one to develop objectivity. While doing the analysis the idea is that you do not get attached to your earlier sentiments, emotions  and thoughts and move on to get the third eye perspective. People who do well in all fronts of life have the capability to have the third eye perspective for success. Won’t you like to develop that for yourself ?

Mindfulness.    Mindfulness is having the awareness as to what and how are you doing. Through Chess you can keep track of your thoughts, time and the quality of your thoughts. Mindfulness gets better with Chess for sure.

Integration.     Integration is having the full picture. Most of the people miss out the full picture of things in real life. Chess teaches you integration when you see within i.e insight and see outside i.e others perspective through empathy and when you combine these aspects, it is integration. It really helps if you can appreciate the full picture. Take my word for it…

Humility and Grace.                 Chess games mostly lead to wins or losses (we have draws as well) which inturn mature the players to develop humility on wins and yet be graceful with losses.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease.     Chess develops good mind and good body. A good and active mind will keep the Alzheimer’s disease away and what’s more, the mind gets better with activity.

Imagination.        There is a quote by Albert Einstein that says that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Well, Chess develops Imagination.

Mental Standards.     We have yardsticks for physical standards like if one can do 10 kms run, then its cool. Similarly we have the mental standards in Chess as well. Every player who plays chess will have a rating and that rating provides a yardstick to get better which is very good for improving your brain performance.