Training Online

Training Online.     

How does the Training online work?

This is bliss specially if you are far off. What is best that you will be able to get low rates for coaching than the rates that would be charged by a Trainer if you go and meet the trainer personally.  The flexibility is amazing in this type of learning and you are good to get started at any time after some basic coordination with me. I charge the least here in this package.
At the most basic level for online training, you need to have an internet connection with Skype software installed. This software is free for personal use and once we get connected, I share my screen with you. Now onwards the screen is common to you and me and we can play or move the pieces across for analysis or you can listen to the lecture.
The advance training online can be done through Internet Chess Club account or account but for all this you may have to take the membership of these group which I will recommend to you at a later stage.