Our Training Modules.

We make the modules as per the requirement of the individual. This may vary as per the needs and the time available. Some of the modules that we have are as under.

  • Play and Learn Module.   In this module we play with you and at the end of game, we analyse the game. Real growth in Chess  is through proper and correct analysis as you would be the best judge of your own thoughts and game if you do it objectively. Best part is that you can sign up for a game or two to try out the module and then take the bulk offer for discounts.


  • Specific offer Module.    We can help you get better in any specific area that you would predefine to us. It could be opening, middlegame or an endgame and it could also be a time trouble game or a winning or a lost game should you want specific assistance for your nerves. All this can enable you to get very good results.


  • Slow or Fast games. Some people want to play fast or in the slow time controls. Well, we can play either of them for the training value and learnings.


  • Starter Module. For starters, we could teach the basics and play the games. The focus would be on the basics and the must know positions so as to have a strong foundation in Chess.


  • Adult Modules. This one we have designed for the Adults specifically. Emphasis will be on the thought process and the recalls of the games.  We will specifically work on the belief system through NLP and the thought process of the players in this module. Main emphasis would be to break the limiting patterns of the players and try to find out as to where and why the mistakes are happening. This approach has helped me a lot dealing with the younger players as well.