Professional Module for Committed Players

Professional Module for Committed Players

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will never reach there”

At the Chess Training Foundation, we expect our prospective students to have the clarity about what they want to achieve. The quote above is apt for the occasion and we make that possible.

Background of the Course

Consider this that one of our students has come 2nd  in the Maharashtra State level Under 11 Age group. He got this position by the routine one to one coaching that we were giving him. The results indicated that the child was talented and the coaches had been hinting to the parents that the child needs to put in more number of hours but they always thought that the child was young. But there is a problem that the child is reaching the age of 10 years and in the next year if there are delays in the tournament then he would not be able to play that event where he could win the championship. The opportunity was there but the parents did not realize that. Such is the story of many many children. Indeed the children who have done well have had an exceptional support of the parents to go out of the way to make them train and play.

Do understand that every decision you make requires giving up either time or money. We also notice that those who do not have money are able to do a good job by sacrificing their time, However it’s a little amusing that those who have money are neither using the money and the time that is there. Hence, those who could have got a way ahead, the way it was in the story of the turtle and the rabbit, find; yet again the rabbit losing the race to the turtle.

At the CTF, we come across  the turtles and the rabbits. We know that the rabbit would always win if certain things are done. That is where the life coaching and mentoring comes into play. We are not just Chess trainers but can be very good mentors which is a better path to success.

 Lets look the issues that we find with the majority of the children.

  • False confidence
  • Random results
  • Non scientific approach
  • Lack of planning and vision by parents and the child
  • Poor knowledge of overall phases of the game
  • Poor exposure to the classical model games in Chess
  • Lack of tactical and strategic capabilities
  • Lack of motivation to work independently
  • Absence of study material
  • No online exposure in Chess
  • Not using online tools
  • Not training online
  • Poor analysis of one’s own games
  • Poor introspection
  • Lack of opening repertoire
  • No study of distinct phases of the game/opening

If you see the above then we are pretty sure that this will not be very encouraging but there are solutions. However for the solutions, even we at the CTF would have to work as a team within ourselves. Do check out our team on

Besides the above composition we have one GM and two IMs that happily share our values and vision and contribute to our requirements. Whether it’s small decisions that effect your daily routine, or big decisions that effect your overall quality of life, only YOU can decide which obligation you’re willing to exchange.

Highlights of the Course

We emphasize to the students that when they are playing an equal player then they will have a battle going on with three fronts. The first front is the phase of the opening, the second one is the middle game and the last one is the endgame. When it comes to beating the better players then you have to win all the 3 fronts in one game so as to win. Majority of the players do not prepare for all the phases of the game and as a result when the middle game stretches, they tend to go wrong and lose the game.

Winning without sufficient preparation is hope Chess to which we do not subscribe to. The main highlight of the course would be to pay specific emphasis to the following.

  • Opening Preparation
  • Repertoire building as per player type (we will find that for you)
  • Middle game preparation
  • Endgame preparation (Often an ignored aspect)
  • Positional themes
  • Tactics training
  • Playing online with varied players
  • Playing online tournaments
  • Monitoring of the performance by the Coaches
  • Playing under varied time controls
  • Analysis of the games by self and by coaches
  • Self reliance through completion of the tasks assigned
  • Study of Classics and books
  • Full time access to the Mentor/Coach (This is a force multiplier)

Unique Features of the Course

The unique features of this module is that we require fully committed players and parents in this module. Indeed without the support and will of the parents and the children we cannot ever be sure of the results. Look at Kasparov, or Magnus or Polgar Sisters or Anand. Do you see a pattern… The pattern is the commitment of the parents and the player with the desire and thirst to learn and play Chess. We want this to happen through a committed approach

We would have a dedicated set of trainers and players in this module and we will develop the child to grow at a faster pace that the traditional once a week training which gives results but it takes a very long time and before that lots of players and parents lose out on the patience which is pretty understandable.

We intend to do a fully committed training with the player for 350 hours in a year. If the player and the parents are committed to us for an year long sincere hard work and commitment then the results shall automatically follow.

Course duration and fees

  • Duration: 6 + 6 months
  • Total teaching hours: 350 hours (exclusive of the training videos and training material)
  • Assignments: 50 hours of training material
  • Fees : $ 4,000 for every six months (75% payable in advance, balance after 3 months)