Foundation Course for Beginners

Foundation Course for Beginners

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will never reach there”

At the Chess Training Foundation, we expect our prospective students to have the clarity about what they want to achieve. The quote above is apt for the occasion and we make that possible.

If your objective is to learn to play and be able to handle chess pieces, then this is the course for you.


Highlights of the Course

The foundation course for the beginners is designed by us to enable the beginner level pupil to be able to know the basics of the game, like the history, origin, board settings, handling of pieces along with the special rules of the game. After this course the pupil would be confident of playing Chess and would be able to revisit the game played and would be able to analyse the game for himself/herself.

Unique Features of the Course

The unique features of this course would be exposure to different trainers and the exposure of the student to the opening phase, middlegame and the endgame phase of Chess. The foundation would also give exposure to the child for practical play with other students who are at the same level.

Course duration and fees

  • Duration: 3 months , One class per week, 60 minutes per class.
  • Assignments: 8 hours of training material