Question 1    :           I am a student and want to get my international rating to begin with. How much time would it take for me to get that?

Answer 1       :           If you do not know where you are, you will never get there. We would need to evaluate you and your games and then we shall be able to lay down steps for you to do that. This evaluation can be done in couple of sessions on Skype or in person.


Question 2    :           How accurate are your evaluations ?

Answer 2      :           We are hard core professionals with a purpose to deliver, so we do not mince words and do not make big claims. You have to take our words for it to begin with and you will get the results but you would need to work and be accountable. Without hard work you will never get success for sure.


Question 3    :           I would like my sessions in English and I find that lots of Trainers do not speak good English.

Answer 3        :           You need not worry about our English, your problems in this regard does not exist. Don’t worry.


Question 4    :           Why should I not hire an International Master or a Grand Master ? Would they be able to give me better results ?

Answer 4      :           All the coaches act as enablers. No one has a magic solution. The results come from hard work and correct advice. With us, if we find that you would need a IM/GM to coach you then we would be happy to suggest you some very good IMs and GMs who are part of us. But wait for that level to come. Without reaching those levels, you would waste your and his time with money.


Question 5    :           What are the general charges for Chess coaching?

Answer 5      :           The band width for Chess coaching varies from $10 to $100 per hour depending upon the type and availability of the trainer.


Question 6    :           Is online coaching effective or is it better to be coached in person?

Answer 6      :           We are all very good in rapport building with real life skills. We have a common datum for interaction. For me all types of methods work but we need to understand you first and then your Chess games. With us, you can take it that you will get equally good results when you meet us online.


Question 7    :           Lots of Trainers have promised me rating increase and that did not take place when I played in the tournaments. What should I do?

Answer 7      :           No Trainer can promise you results but keep track of the process and if your process and the path is correct, you will get results. Also, don’t play Chess focusing on the rating increase. Rating increase is a byproduct of playing good chess and not the aim. Play Good Chess, that’s all and do ask your Trainer if this makes sense.


Question 8    :           I am very scared of playing stronger rated players and always lose. What should I do?

Answer 8      :           Most of the people are ….. I (Rajesh Upadhyay) have cured one student of mine with this issue in an hour. She got over it.


Question 9    :           Do you give Money back guarantee?

Answer 9      :           We generally do not take money from the people in bulk, so don’t worry about that. We are not after your money.  We want to offer you our services which are good.


Question 10 :           Can I get better by playing against a Computer only ?

Answer 10    :           This would be akin to asking if you can finish your schooling by Googling. Computers give you the answers but they don’t teach you what questions to ask. The computers may teach but would you be able to learn and who will tell you what to learn is a tough challenge in today’s era.


Question 11 :           I am confused if I should pursue Chess. Can you help?

Answer 11    :           Confusion prevails too much in this era for the reason that there are lots of choices and very less people to enable you to take decisions. We motivate and push people to take decisions. We will get it out from you to take your decisions. Don’t worry.