Chess Training through Internet


Chess Training through Internet

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will never reach there”

At the Chess Training Foundation, we expect our prospective students to have the clarity about what they want to achieve. The quote above is apt for the occasion and we make that possible.

Lots of our followers like us and love us. Some of them are our patrons as well. One of the demands of our well wishers and followers have been to have a mechanism wherein the players are still able to be in touch with the game by playing strong players and the cost of this be bare minimum. In light of this we have designed an internet based module to give practical play to the players every week with an international player. Do watch out as some of the International players could be International Master or a Grand-master. You would need to be committed and stay tuned for the online battles that we announce on the specified days.

Highlights of the Training Module

This training module is ideal for the players who have done a fair amount of work on the courses that we have offered or for those who have a fair amount of expertise in the game and wish to be in touch with the game by playing International rated players online.

Unique Features of the Course

The unique feature of this training module is Internet based simultaneous play by the International Players of our foundation who will play with our registered members. The play would be simultaneous with many and this module would give an excellent exposure to the seekers to be active and to be in touch with the game at the comfort from home. This is the module that we are offering for the bare minimum cost with the play from the level of IM/GM in between. There would be live broadcasts of the games from time to time. Join in and have fun.

The costing is bare minimum (almost at the cost of a pizza except that it will be healthy and it will last for a month atleast), hence it is required that the players sign up for minimum duration for 6 months.

  • Feature : Guaranteed online play with International players once a week