Chess course through Internet


Chess course through Internet

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will never reach there”

At the Chess Training Foundation, we expect our prospective students to have the clarity about what they want to achieve. The quote above is apt for the occasion and we make that possible.

If you have faith and trust in us and our purpose and you are located away from us but still you would like to be learning from us , then this is the course for you.

Highlights of the Course

This course is working very well through the students that we have from Dubai and London at the moment. With the availability of the internet, the game of Chess can reach you anywhere as long as you have internet connection and the desire to get better in Chess. Our students have been very happy with the services that we have been giving them and the rates from India for coaching turn out to be much cheaper than other places in the World.

Unique Features of the Course

The unique features of the remote training are that we would be judging the level of the pupil through interaction on the Skype. The knowledge and the datum of the pupil would be defined at this stage and the syllabus would thereafter be made which would be akin to the previous listing. The charges would vary in this module of course and the in person play would be substituted with lot of play on the Internet. For the Intermediate and advance level players, we would be exposing the pupil to play with the International level players which would also include International Master/Grandmaster. At the sub intermediate level players we would assure serious and match level play with other pupil of the same standards for exposure to over the board play.

Course duration and fees

  • Duration: 6 months, One class per week, 60-90 minutes per class depending on the uptake of the student.
  • Total teaching hours: 25 hours (exclusive of the training videos and training material)
  • Assignments: 15 hours of training material
  • Fees : $ 625 (75% payable in advance, balance after 3 months)