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A team that loves to create

Who are we !!!!?

A team that loves to grow with each other



Nikhil Kadam is the youngest and the most energetic member in the team. He has trained hundreds of Children. Some of these children have successfully become International Rated players within one year of training. Nikhil is also an International rated player of the World Chess Federation and an active Chess player of the International tournaments. He works miracles in teaching the opening systems and with the support of his opening preparation, his students have got an immediate advantage and results.


Mr Deepak Saigal is a certified Arbiter and  National Instructor of the World Chess Federation. He is also an International rated Chess player at expert level. He specializes as one of the best and respectable arbiters  in India. He has the distinction of having worked as an executive in the banking sector with an exceptional knowledge of finance.

Mr Deepak Saigal is a person  with exceptional vision, wisdom and maturity. He has given excellent results being a Coach and a Mentor to his committed students. The students have not only got exceptional results in Chess but in life as well. Mr Deepak Saigal to our foundation is synonymous to Obi-Van Kanobi of the Star wars. Without them, in their own ways, we would never have got to this level.


Rajesh Upadhyay is the founder of the Chess Training Foundation. He is a retired executive of the Military and he opted to leave military for his vision and thirst for making a difference in Chess. He is certified National Instructor and an International Chess player at expert level of the World Chess Federation. Besides that he is a NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainers' Trainer who is able to connect Chess with Stories and Life. Being a Life Coach with the experience of two decades of Military training gives him wonderful insights of training and teaching. 

What we do

Keep it simple

What we do !!!!

A team that has a story


This is a team created to deliver two things. The first one is giving back to the society through the students/pupils, what they got and the second things we deliver is what we did not get or what we wished that we got when we started our chess journey. Trust us that our Chess journey has been a long one now going to 4/5 decades for the seniors. 
We have created the foundation based on our love and passion for the game. Some of us are Grandmasters/International Masters/Financial experts/Ex Military and die hard Chess players. Trust us and join us...
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One Life, One skill, Try Chess !!!